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Pay eight bills in advance & receive a 4 hours free session.


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Why You Should Hire Tom F. Bungs

Glasses and a book
Academic & Experienced
Clients hire Toomaj not only for what he knows but because of his capabilities recommended by other well-known people in the market. Only a person with a proven record in marketing can become an expert consultant. However, if he has completed higher education in the field at the same time, the rate of his trial and error will reduce, and the precision of his future predictions will increase.
In-depth Awareness
A marketing consultant's in-depth knowledge of different cultures and languages and experience of living and working in different continents and countries is something that brings the best out of a consultant. Suppose today you had the help of a marketing consultant who had studied in the field of IT- eCommerce and Marketing and had a good understanding of sociology and human behavioral biology, along with nearly two decades of continuous market experience. What was the biggest problem you wanted to discuss with him? Where was the first place you wanted Tom to help you with?

How we do it

How we conduct our sessions

How we conduct every session
Almost the majority of marketing consultants hold their marketing sessions hourly. But the problem is that you usually need more than one hour of help. In many cases, when you have deadlines, you need to have your consultant for hours. This can be quite costly.
What we propose is sessions whose costs and time are set per-meeting. Each session can be 1 minute or 240 minutes. You and the importance of your question will determine the timing of these sessions.

upgrade to the premium package and get the full advantage

Become A Premium Clients
Since each consultation session is not limited to one hour, the opportunity to make progress is more than anytime else. You probably have questions to which you are looking for answers. It is our job to answer those questions. On the other hand, in many cases, you want your team to benefit from the necessary training. If you upgrade your consultation package to full-page*, the Custom Presentations come with every session depending on your brand and business status.
On the other hand, the need for coaching to increase the effectiveness of counseling in each upgraded session is taken into account. Each of our sessions includes counseling, presentation, and coaching. That's what we call a productive day.
* Upgrades are only available to clients who have at least one year contract.

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We send a separate invoice for each marketing consulting session. If you may be able to to pay eight bills in advance, you will receive a 4 hours free session.

Let's Find out what suits you better

Sylwia is the one who understands what your business needs

Sylwia Smagowska

Sales Manager
Anyone who knows Sylwia would refer to her as reliable and trustworthy person.
Her in-depth perception of what people and their business need make her a reliable person in sales. She has an excellent background in working as an Enrolment Advisor in High Education, which gives her the ability more than anyone else to understand what suits you better.
Contact Sylwia now and explain to her what your business needs. We are quite sure she will find you a solution which you can't ignore.

Our other services

Product & Corporate Naming
Proper names sell better, gain more market share, and they are less likely to be forgotten Unconventional names are doomed to perish! We know how to create the perfect name.
Online Branding Consulting
Your brand resembles your jugular vein. Are you ready for any barber that comes in to shave your face with that keen blade? Trust us, you don't want to trust a layman with the blade!
Slogans & Mottos
A Unique, memorable and Timeless phrase act as the signature of your brand. It will tell who you are, what you are and what you do. It must be short but powerful.

Book an Online Session

For Start-Ups & Small Companies

This is the best option for start-up companies based outside of Berlin, which cannot afford to pay for consulting and subsidiary expenses such as travel and hosting consultants.

Customized Sessions

The process of these meetings is straightforward. Before each online consultation session, our colleagues will send you a questionnaire to let us know in advance what you are looking for.

The Same Experience

You will then be able to obtain the necessary guidance during the time allotted to you.


Hire the same consultant as corporates and big businesses do, sill affordable.

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