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Our services are quite expensive because they are all based on almost two decades of learning & experiencing. Handing you over what we learned in all those years is what we do.

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Meet our sales manager Sylwia Smagowska

Sylwia Smagowska

Sales Manager
Anyone who knows Sylwia would refer to her as reliable and trustworthy person.
Her in-depth perception of what people and their business need make her a reliable person in sales. She has an excellent background in working as an Enrolment Advisor in High Education, which gives her the ability more than anyone else to understand what suits you better.
Contact Sylwia now and explain to her what your business needs. We are quite sure she will find you a solution which you can't ignore.

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For Start-Ups & Small Companies

This is the best option for start-up companies based outside of Berlin, which cannot afford to pay for consulting and subsidiary expenses such as travel and hosting consultants.

Customized Sessions

The process of these meetings is straightforward. Before each online consultation session, our colleagues will send you a questionnaire to let us know in advance what you are looking for.

The Same Experience

You will then be able to obtain the necessary guidance during the time allotted to you.


Hire the same consultant as corporates and big businesses do, sill affordable.

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